Bearings & Power Transmission Products

At A & W Bearings & Supply Co., Inc., our mission is simple: Our customers are our main priority.  Every day we follow that mission by:

  • Providing quality products and exceptional customer service
  • Being responsive in a competitive marketplace
  • Understanding our customers’ needs
  • Utilizing new technologies to remain competitive and profitable
  • Earning the reputation of being good neighbors to the surrounding communities in which we reside.

A & W also values its vendors and suppliers because they are critical to our success in following our mission statement.  We will always partner with our vendors and suppliers to provide long term consistency in our product offerings.  We pledge to use only the best vendors and suppliers available in the industry to service the needs of our customers.


Here at A&W Bearings & Supply Co., Inc., we pride ourselves on great customer service and knowledge that helps us solve whatever problems and challenges you bring us.

sigGeorge M. Yarbrough, Jr., President

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